I am proud to be the official spokesperson for the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival. I may not be as famous as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but I do appear once a year and bring joy to an entire town. And unlike those other guys, I work hard for ten days!


This year is my 37th birthday! I was born way back in 1983 (when the very first festival took place!). Over the years I’ve watched this festival blossom into a successful and exciting summer celebration. Back in my younger days, I thought doing fifty events was a lot, now I appear at over 130 events!


In 2012 we celebrated my 30th birthday, and the centennial year for my hometown of Sioux Lookout! In 2013 we celebrated the cultural diversity in my town through many events that allowed everyone to express themselves. In 2014 Sioux Lookout celebrated the evolution of the Blueberry Festival and how far we've come. In 2015 we celebrated how united and strong our community is. In 2016 our theme was "Bert Awakens" to remind our community that regardless of what may be thrown at us throughout the year (especially a frigid winter..brr!) Bert returns to Sioux Lookout each summer to re-awaken our lively and cultural Municipality. In 2017 we celebrated Canada 150!


This year is special to me because I turn 37! I can't wait to attend over 100 events at this year's festival including festival favourites: Legion Steak BBQ, Chamber of Commerce Trade Show, and Opening Ceremonies!. I'm excited to spread joy and festival cheer to everyone in Sioux Lookout and all the visitors. Come celebrate with me Friday August 2nd, 2019 to Sunday August 11th, 2019! I will be having a birthday party on August 3rd and I would LOVE to see all of you!


Be sure to watch for me during this year's Festival. I don't say much (I’m a little bit shy) but you can always find me out around Sioux Lookout during the festival. So come on over and introduce yourself—you’ll get a big hug in return, and I love posing for pictures!


Hi! My name is Blueberry Bert

The Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival Office

Located in the Travel Information Centre:

11 First Avenue South

Sioux Lookout, Ontario

P8T 1A1

Phone: 807-737-3227

Fax: 807-737-1778

Email: festival@blueberrybert.com