COVID-19 Updates

June 09, 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Blueberry Festival Board of Directors has decided to hold the 2020 Sioux lookout Blueberry Festival. The world has been through some trying times in the past few months and we hope to bring a little bit of joy to Sioux Lookout this summer. The Blueberry Festival Committee wishes to thank you sincerely for all of your support and positivity this year.

Click here to read Bert's Guide to COVID-19!

May 25, 2020

Stay tuned to this page for updates on the COVID-19 crisis as it pertains to the Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival

 Sioux Lookout Blueberry Festival

Located in the Travel Information Centre:

11 First Avenue South

Sioux Lookout, ON

P8T 1A1

Phone: (807) 737-3227