2020 Festival Event Winners

Window Painting Contest (Residential) - The Burke Family

Window Painting Contest (Business) - Biidaaban Children's Centre

Blueberry Colouring Contest - Sadie (age 4), Maria (age 7), Emma (age 11)

Biggest Blueberry Contest - Ronan Raspado (1.8 g)

Fresh Market Foods Scavenger Challenge - Michael & Darius

Ladies Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Betty Ann Roy

Junior Blueberry Golf Tournament - Reider Paquette (Youth), Alex Agustin (Junior), and Mason Ariano (Jr. Junior)

Speed Knitting and Speed Crochet Contest - Knitting: Christa Schulz

                                                               Crochet: Kirsten Barrett

Blueberry Tri-Sport Challenge -  Male: Brent Holmes Heron

                                             Female: Lucy Manchester

                                             Try-a-Tri: Margot Saari

                                             Team: Joyce Timpson, Shelia Angeconeb, & Sarah Flowers

                                             Fastest Swim Overall: Brent Holmes Heron

                                             Fastest Bike Overall: Brent Holmes Heron

                                             Fastest Run Overall: Brodie Marshall

Epic Car Scavenger Hunt - Savannah Kirton and Hilary Cameron

Men's Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Matt Gain

Mixed Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Chris Angeconeb, Miranda Moriss, Tony Anderson, and Keenan Henry

First to Find All 10 Geocaches - Cherie Coulombe

Geocache Grand Prize - Samantha Falkingham

MNRF Colouring Contest - Ellie Sayers, Renee Schneider, and Claire Sayers

The Great Blueberry Bake-Off - Maelle Penner, Sophia Miller, Sheila Suprovich, and Susan Hochstedler

Sioux Lookout Photography Group Sunset Photo Contest - Shantal Agustin

SkyCare Balloon Guess - Kayla Newman, Marnie Maryfield, and Brent Darling

5K Family Fun Run - Gabriel Otto

Family Chalk Day - Mason Quedent