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2021 Festival Event Winners

Window Painting Contest (Residential) - Kiera Murphy

Window Painting Contest (Business) - Sioux Area Seniors Activity Centre

Blueberry Colouring Contest - Jessa (age 3), Austin (age 5), Maelle (age 11)

Biggest Blueberry Contest - Ralph Raspado (0.6 g)

Blueberry Tri-Sport Challenge - 

Male: Blake MacKay

Female: Lucy Manchester

Try-a-Tri Male: Meritt Penner

Try-a-Tri Female: Maelle Penner

Team: Jason Bailey, Joni Smith, & Ronda Bailey

Try-a-Tri Team: Adelaide Meekis, Geneva Otto, & Emma Bates

Fastest Swim Overall: Blake MacKay

Fastest Bike Overall: Blake MacKay

Fastest Run Overall: Brodie Marshall

Fastest Swim Overall (Try-a-Tri): Meritt Penner

Fastest Bike Overall (Try-a-Tri): Meritt Penner

Fastest Run Overall (Try-a-Tri): Meritt Penner

Epic Car Scavenger Hunt - Savannah Kirton and Hilary Cameron

Men's Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Ian Ford

Mixed Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Glen Poirier, Jenna Poirier, Blythe Bailey, & John Bailey

Junior Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Hunter Atwood (Overall Champion; 11-13 division), Alex Agustin (14-17 division)

Ladies' Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Betty Ann Roy

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - Justin Poling, Ryan Poling, Steve Roberts, & Mike Kreisz

Geocache - Kelly Beattie (1st Place), Tiana Korobanik (2nd Place), Amey Legere (3rd Place)


Junior Geocache - Mac Mittleholt (1st Place), Brock Beattie (2nd Place), Anna Mittleholt (3rd Place)

The Great Blueberry Bake-Off - The Landgraff kids, Owen Ward, Twylla Penner, Maelle Penner, & Darlene Angeconeb

Find the Unicorn - Shannon Bowcock, Taylor Ismond, & Drew Beaver

Can you say Blueberry Pie in Ojibwe? - Alicia Robb

Where's Bert? Contest - Dianne Belmore

Connection with Nature Art Contest - Shannon Brody (1st Place), Maelle and Twylla Penner (tied for 2nd Place), & Samuel and Naomi Landgraff (tied for 3rd Place)


MNRF Colouring Contest - Malenah (6 and under), Anna M (7-12 age group)

MNRF Scavenger Hunt - Top Points - McCord Family, Random Draw - Bowcock/Egerter/George/Goretski kids team

Fairy Garden Contest - Sophie & Marley Sayers

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