2019 Festival Event Winners

Window Painting Contest - Sioux Area Seniors Activity Centre

Blueberry Colouring Contest - Ellie (age 4), Makayla (age 8), Serena (age 12)

Biggest Blueberry Contest - Gail Binguis (1.8 g)

Fresh Market Foods Scavenger Challenge - Nancy and Chris McCord

Ladies Blueberry Open Golf Tournament - Betty Ann Roy

Blueberry Beach Volleyball Coed 4s Tournament - TCFB

Blueberry Bocce - Team Money Shot (Stuart Rattai, Bill Bertrand, Tony Traveras, Kim Savoie)

Junior Blueberry Golf Tournament - Liam Jones

55+ Games Cribbage Tournament - Suzanne Rankin (singles), Ronald Trout and Valerie LeCappelain (doubles)

Speed Knitting and Speed Crochet Contest - Ingrid Cummings (knitting) and Laurel Wood (crochet)

30th Annual Blueberry Triathlon -  Male: Scott Coutts   Female: Lis Salmon

12th Annual Duathlon -  Male: Mike McCarl   Female: Jenna Poirier

15th Annual Kids of Steel Triathlon - Female: Alexa Houtz     Male: Cooper Labelle 

9th Annual Try-A-Tri - Andrew Perry

North Star Air Plane Pull - Team "Pull It Like You Stole It!"

Singles Tennis - John Libler

55+ Games Predicted Walk - Thoralee Martin

Epic Car Scavenger Hunt - Dylan Husak and Justis Husak

55+ Pickleball Tournament - James Mansfield and Lisa Larsh

3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - Mike Kreisz, Steve Roberts, Justin Poling, Tyler Paulsen

55+ Bocce - Team Henrickson

Blueberry Beach Volleyball Open 2s Tournament - Poling/Roberts

Men's Open Golf Tournament - Steve Roy

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